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PA TV teaches kids all of Israel is “Palestine” – an area of “27,000 sq. km”

Official PA TV Live  |
 Official PA TV program The Best Home about the size of “Palestine”
The program’s host directs a question to a Palestinian boy named Amir who called in to the show.
PA TV host Walaa Al-Battat: “What is the size of Palestine’s territory?”
Puppet Ramzi: “Oooooooh, Palestine is big.”
Host: “You’re still continuing to help your friend, Ramzi?”
Puppet Ramzi: “Of course, give us choices.”
Host: “Amir, are you with me? Amir? Amir left. Amir, don’t be scared, the question is very easy. Amir? Amir, my friend. Well then, children, my friends, the size of Palestine’s territory is 27,000 sq. km.”
Puppet Ramzi: “I know, 27,000 meters.”
Host as the doll is talking: “You knew? Good job.”

The combined area of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip is 6,220 sq. km. Only by adding the area of Israel, excluding the Golan Heights, to that of “Palestine,” does the total reach 27,000 sq. km.

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