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Palestinian political analyst legitimizes murder of Israeli civilians: "Since it is a colonial, settler, racist, occupying entity, all of those in it are soldiers"

Headline: “Tel Aviv operation (i.e., terror attack, 4 murdered) – between the sanctification of the weapon and its definition as a crime”
Op-ed by senior Palestinian political analyst and columnist Hani Al-Masri

     “The Tel Aviv operation (i.e., terror attack, 4 murdered) aroused much interest due to its timing, as it was conducted following a weakening in the wave of the intifada, something that gives it a push that proves that the fire still burns under the sand…

While Israel continues to perpetrate all that it perpetrates against the Palestinians in the shadow of the absence of the [Palestinian] leadership and the helplessness of the factions, the operations of individuals constitute an appropriate response considering the unique characteristics of the Palestinian situation. This is because it would have been easier for the Israeli security establishments to prevent them if they (i.e., the terror attacks) were organized, and this constitutes an active and deterrent response that presses Israel to question the efficiency of the use of force, and security and military solutions, and in this way will cause it to think sooner or later about a change in its position and a search for a diplomatic solution that will be agreed upon by the Palestinian side...

If the main method of activity is appropriate for a certain period, that doesn’t mean that it is necessary to negate, reject, or condemn other types. On the contrary, the experience of struggle throughout history, including the Palestinian experience and the experience of India, South Africa and others, has proven that it is possible to integrate peaceful and armed methods of struggle, whether the method of the struggle at one stage or another is peaceful or armed, and no one side can alone determine the appropriate method of struggle. The nature of the conflict, its unique characteristics, the circumstances, the factors influencing it, and the conduct of the other side are what actively contribute to determining the method that will be adopted.

When dealing with an enemy like the Israeli occupation - which conducts a colonial settlement project that does not accept compromise, maintains radical goals, aspires to as much force as possible in order to achieve its goals, and which the possibility of influencing it from within is limited if not impossible – it is not worthwhile to completely negate armed resistance at the current stage, even if it does not constitute the main method [of struggle] that is appropriate at this stage or another.

Armed resistance must always be present, as it is an anchored right, and it must be carried out in accordance with the circumstances, and must not be altogether uprooted, nor defined as a crime under any circumstances. At this stage, it is possible to use armed resistance mainly in terms of self-defense against the attacks of occupation soldiers and herds of armed settlers, and to stand against the continued military aggression in the Gaza Strip and the settlers’ daily attacks on the West Bank…

Likewise, we cannot help but examine the matter of harming civilians in Israel. Since it is a colonial, settler, racist, occupying entity, all of those in it are soldiers, and the proof of this is that weapons are common in all the different regions, and hundreds of thousands of civilians carry them on the streets. All of them, other than the ultra-orthodox Jews, serve in the army. However, most of the ultra-orthodox Jews, like all the rest, are radicals who incite the murder of non-Jews. Therefore, the resistance operations must be calculated and not random, and not be directed at children and public places. Likewise, they must be consistent with the righteousness of the issue and its moral supremacy, and take into account that there are Jews who oppose the Zionist project or fight for Palestinian rights or against the Israeli occupation.

In the shadow of the absence of an alternative, the solution cannot be that we will sit complacently expecting that salvation might drop from the heavens or emerge from the bowels of the earth or from some unknown place, and we must act to build an alternative step by step, and layer by layer.

When there is no alternative, there is a void that will be filled with the heroic resistance operations of individuals or something else, because spontaneity is the basis of consciousness and organization and what contributes to the Palestinian issue staying vital, and it is better than nothing.”

Muhammad Ahmad Musa Makhamreh and Khaled Muhammad Musa Makhamreh - 21-year-old Palestinian terrorists and also cousins, who carried out a shooting attack in Tel Aviv on June 8, 2016, murdering 4 Israelis and injuring 16. The terrorists ordered desert in the Max Brenner restaurant in the Sarona Market, before they began shooting at people. Muhammad Makhamreh and Khaled Makhamreh were both apprehended by the Israeli police, one of them shot and wounded before being caught and brought for treatment in an Israeli hospital.