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Fatah responds to op-ed accusing Fatah and PA of corruption, claims accusations serve Israeli interests

Headline: “Fatah: [Jihad] Al-Khazen’s participation in the attack on President [Mahmoud Abbas] is a blow to the struggle of our people and its revolution”
“The Fatah Movement said that [the op-ed] by Jihad Al-Khazen, which appeared in the London-based paper Al-Hayat [on June 12, 2016] and wronged the head of the movement, its general leader, and the president of the Palestinian people [PA President Mahmoud Abbas], represents a position that serves the occupation state (i.e., Israel) and those working to harm the firm stand of President Mahmoud Abbas and the Fatah Movement against the settlement occupation project, and constitutes an attempt to justify and enable plots against the Palestinian issue and to harm the struggle of the Palestinian people, its revolution and its National Liberation Movement (i.e., Fatah).”

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