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PLO Head of Prisoners’ Affairs: Israeli new anti-terror legislation is “racist,” Palestinian “resistance” is legal and legitimate

Headline: “The Israeli ‘terror law’ strives to steal the legitimacy of our people’s and prisoners’ struggle against the occupation.

“Director of the PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Karake called to increase the Palestinian diplomatic and legal activity in order to deal with racist and aggressive laws that the Israeli parliament is eager to legislate in recent years, the last of which was called the ‘terror law,’ which strives to turn the struggle of the Palestinian people into something criminal, to include it in the framework of terror, and legally prosecute the Palestinian resistance and its legal struggle against the occupation for the right to self-definition, freedom, and honor.”

Israeli anti-terror law – ratified on June 15, 2016 - legislates significantly stiffer penalties for acts related to terror – involvement in a terror attack, aiding terrorists in carrying out an attack, public support of or identification with acts of terror, heading a terrorist organization, working for a terrorist organization, acts/business deals involving weapons used for terror, training of terrorists, threatening to carry out a terror attack, etc., and allows the government or Minister of Defense to define an organization as a terrorist organization at the request of the Head of the Israeli Secret Service, after receiving the opinion of the attorney general.