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PA Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls Israel's "poisoning" wells "a crime against humanity"

PMW note: The PLO accused Jews in the West Bank of poisoning Palestinian water sources, based on the rulings"of a Rabbi Shlomo Melamed, chairman of the Council of Settlement Rabbis. No such rabbi or body exists. The PA Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to the accusations: 
"This call by Rabbi Mlmad is considered a crime against humanity because it targets humans, animals, corps and all forms of life in the occupied Palestinian territory.
The ministry held the Israeli government full responsibility of the consequences of such calls. It demanded the arrest of the Rabbi for inciting murder and the enforcement of necessary procedures to protect Palestinians from individuals who might attempt to poison water sources.
What is the international community waiting for to interfere; the death of thousands of Palestinians of thirst? To meet such incident with silence and ignore the war Israel is waging against Palestinians is a cause of shame for the international community."
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Note: This story has been denied by both the supposed source of the story, the Breaking the Silence group, and by a Rabbi Zalmen Melamed - there is no Rabbi Shlomo Melamed. "The Jerusalem Post was unable to find evidence that either a Rabbi Shlomo Mlma or Mlmad, or the Council of Rabbis in West Bank settlements exist. There is a Council of Rabbis in Judea and Samaria, led by Yishai Babad. There is a Rabbi Zalman Melamed of Beit El. Mlmad is similar to Melamed, and Zalman is Yiddish for Shlomo. Rabbi Zalman Melamed told Gidon Shaviv, a senior research analyst for press watchdog CAMERA, "I did not say that and do not believe any rabbi would say something like that." Melamed also called the report a blood libel.
In addition, Breaking the Silence's spokesman said he did not know of any testimony about poisoning water." [
The Jerusalem Post, June 20, 2016]

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