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PA libel: Israeli rabbis called to poison all Palestinian wells

Official PA TV newsreader:
"The Council of Settlement Rabbis (sic) has called to poison the drinking water in all districts of the homeland [Palestine], in order to cause [Palestinian] residents to emigrate, or in order to kill them."
Official PA TV reporter: "As part of the Israeli attempts to utilize religious sources of authority to achieve political goals, an Israeli human rights organization has exposed a religious ruling issued by Rabbi Shlomo Melamed (sic), Chairman of the Council of Settlement Rabbis (sic), that gave the settlers permission to poison the drinking water and the natural wells in the [Palestinian] villages and towns throughout the West Bank. This, with the goal of causing the [Palestinian] residents to leave their lands, enabling the settlers to take control of them."
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Note: The Jerusalem Post reported that no rabbi of the name “Rabbi Shlomo Melamed” exists, and that the left wing Israeli NGO which the PA has been quoting, has denied the story.
TheJerusalem Post was unable to find evidence that either a Rabbi Shlomo Mlma or Mlmad, or the Council of Rabbis in West Bank settlements exist. There is a Council of Rabbis in Judea and Samaria, led by Yishai Babad. There is a Rabbi Zalman Melamed of Beit El… [who told CAMERA]: 'I did not say that and do not believe any rabbi would say something like that.' In addition, Breaking the Silence’s spokesman said he did not know of any testimony about poisoning water.” [The Jerusalem Post, June 20, 2016]

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