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PLO and PA Ministry of Foreign Affairs spread libel that rabbis gave permission to settlers to poison Palestinian water

Headline: “Religious rulings by rabbis give the settlers permission to poison Palestinian water”
“The [PLO’s] National Bureau to Defend the Land and Resist Settlement warned about the dangers and the ramifications of religious rulings by Jewish rabbis that give the settlers permission to poison water that sustains Palestinian cities and villages… The organization [Breaking the Silence] noted that the Jewish settlers work intently on poisoning drinking water in the Palestinian towns and villages throughout the West Bank... The [PA] Foreign Ministry said yesterday [June 19, 2016] in a statement that the radical Netanyahu [Israeli] government is continuing its unlimited war against the existence of the Palestinian man in his homeland... We stand today before this serious crime, which is not the first of its kind, against the lives of all the Palestinians, through the poisoning of the various water sources. This not only endangers human life, but also one’s livelihood – animals and agricultural produce.”

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