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PLO official: Rabbis issued "religious ruling" to "poison the Palestinian drinking water"

Headline: “[PLO Executive Committee member] Wasel Abu Yusuf: The religious ruling ordering to poison the drinking water is a clear call to kill our people”
“Secretary-General of the Palestinian Liberation Front and PLO Executive Committee member Dr. Wasel Abu Yusuf stated that the religious ruling of an Israeli rabbi ordering to poison the Palestinian drinking water (no such religious ruling was made –Ed.) is ‘a clear call to murder.’
Abu Yusuf said this in an interview to the media outlets, in response to religious rulings that were published by Council of Settlement Rabbis head Rabbi Shlomo Melamed in the West Bank (no such organization or rabbi exists –Ed.), and permitted the settlers to poison the drinking water in the occupied Palestinian cities and villages in order ‘to expel the Palestinians from their villages and their cities or to kill them.’
Abu Yusuf emphasized that this is not the first call against the Palestinian people, and that this is a call inciting to eliminate and kill the Palestinian citizens.
He noted that these declarations, that is to say the religious rulings on poisoning the water, prove that there is no real [Israeli] peace partner, in light of the existence of an extreme right-wing [Israeli] government that perpetrates killing and settlement.
Likewise, he noted that dozens of religious rulings that were published by Jewish rabbis permitted killing Palestinians, stealing their lands and crops, and destroying their property (no such religious rulings were made –Ed.), and they constituted a motive for the daily acts of killing and destruction that the settlers are committing against the Palestinian people.”