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Lecturer on PA TV: The Anti-Christ is the leader of the Jews

Official PA TV program Palestine in the Quran, broadcast on the occasion of the month of Ramadan
Former lecturer and a regular presenter on the show Bassam Jarrar: “The Jews will leave Palestine, and this time eastward. If you pay close attention, culture and social organization is moving eastward, and in the West there are crises. Among the Jews, since 1990, articles have begun to appear that support a connection with the East. Therefore it appears that they will go eastward, and they will have alliances with the East after they leave Palestine. After a certain amount of time, we don’t know how long, they will try to return to Palestine under the leadership of the Anti-Christ . For what is the purpose of the campaign of the Anti-Christ, who continues to advance until he arrives here? He continues until he arrives here, that is to say his destination is here. Because the Anti-Christ is a Jewish leader, or he is the leader of the Jews. It may also be that the Jews will create him. What does it mean that they will create him? That’s another topic. He will return [to Palestine].”

Jarrar, a former college lecturer in Ramallah who had his own show on official PA TV in 2015 on numbers in the Quran, claims on his website on Islam called the “Noon Center For Quranic Studies and Researches” that the events of the “Anti-Christ” will take place sometime around 2022 CE.