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Terrorist who butchered female hikers is PA TV’s “heroic prisoner”

Official PA TV program Giants of Endurance host: “Here with us is the mother of heroic prisoner Kifah Ghneimat who was given a life sentence and arrested 10 (sic) years ago...”

Terrorist Kifah Ghneimat's mother: “May Allah free him [Kifah] from prison, and also all the prisoners - my son Kifah and all the prisoners who are our children and brothers... I have not visited Kifah in the last three or four months. They [Israel] do not give us permits... During Ramadan, [a mother] yearns for her son to be with her out of [prison].”
Official PA TV host: “What were his favorite dishes during Ramadan? How did he spend the evenings?”
Terrorist Kifah Ghneimat's mother: “He was kind and calm. He did not have any problems… Meat with tahini, grilled meat, chicken with rice... You know that only a father can properly educate his children. A child does not have respect for his mother... Allah willing, he [Kifah] will get out [of prison] and educate his children... Don't despair of Allah's mercy. Allah willing, it will arrive soon. Allah willing, my son, you will be among us.”
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Kifah Ghneimat and Iyad Fataftah - Palestinian terrorists who attacked and stabbed two women, Kristine Luken - an American Christian tourist, and British Israeli Kay Wilson, on Dec. 18, 2010, as they were hiking in the Mata forest, near Beit Shemesh. Luken was brutally stabbed to death and Wilson was severely injured. Wilson survived by remaining still so the terrorists assumed she was dead. After the terrorists fled the scene, she forced herself to get up and walk for help. Ghneimat and Fatahtah were arrested a month after the attack and admitted to the crime. Wilson's testimony and Fataftah's DNA, from his blood on a knife Wilson had tried to defend herself with, were crucial to the prosecution. Ghneimat was sentenced to 2 life sentences and an additional 60 years imprisonment. Fataftah was sentenced to one life sentence and an additional 20 years imprisonment.

According to PA law, Ghneimat and Fataftah have received monthly salaries from the PA since they were arrested. By now, entering their sixth year of imprisonment, they should be receiving 4,000 shekels/month - $1000. Since their arrest in 2011, each have received approximately $30,000 from the PA.

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