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PA daily op-ed: US and Israel behind ISIS in order to benefit Israel’s position on the region

Headline: "Jordan will not burn"
Excerpt of op-ed by Hassan Salim
"The US, which established the Al-Qaeda organization in Afghanistan to fight the Russians as part of the Cold War, paid the price for this foolishness with the explosion of the [Twin] Towers in Manhattan in September 2001. However, it has not learned the lesson and repeated this when it established the [Islamic] State (i.e., ISIS) organization in Iraq and sponsored it in order to dismantle the region and redivide it. It [the US] eases its [ISIS’] movement in the region, together with its partner Israel, so that Israel will remain the strongest state that rules the region, without understanding that he who lights the fire will be the first to be burnt by it.

This op-ed was written against the background of a car bombing in Jordan near the Syrian border, on June 21, 2016, in which 6 Jordanian border guards were killed and 14 injured.

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