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PA and Fatah officials at funeral of accidentally killed teen: Israel executes Palestinians in “cold blood,” Fatah official calls for “resistance in all its forms”

PMW note: Mahmoud Rafat Badran was a 15-year-old Palestinian who was accidentally killed by Israeli soldiers who were pursuing Palestinian suspects that had thrown stones at moving Israeli cars, injuring 3. The PA used this tragic event as a platform for spreading its libels that Israel deliberately targets children for execution and encouraged use of “resistance in all its forms,” a euphemism for terror attacks.

Headline: “Masses of our people accompanied the body of Martyr (Shahid) [Mahmoud Rafat] Badran to his grave”

“Yesterday [June 23, 2016] thousands of our people accompanied the body of Martyr (Shahid) [Mahmoud] Rafat Badran, 15, to his grave in the town of Beit Ur in the Ramallah and El-Bireh district, with official, civilian, and military participation

In his speech, Fatah Central Committee member and Commissioner for Mobilization and Organization Mahmoud Al-Aloul called for national unity and an end to the internal rift [between Hamas and Fatah].

Al-Aloul said: ‘The occupation (i.e., Israel) carries out daily executions of children and of the rest of our people on the roads and at checkpoints. The occupation’s admission about the accidental killing of Martyr Badran provides all the data and proof for their conviction and to prove their lies. These children tried to play and have fun like the rest of the children throughout the world, but the occupation’s bullets insisted on killing them.’

Al-Aloul emphasized the option of resistance in all its forms in light of the fact that the peace process is stalled and the occupation continues its crimes…

Ramallah and El-Bireh District Governor [Laila Ghannam] participated in accompanying the body from the Palestine Medical Center and said during the funeral: ‘There is an Israeli decision to execute our children in cold blood, which is a mark of shame on the world’s forehead.’

Chairman of the Joint Arab list in the Israeli Parliament Ayman Odeh gave a speech in which he said that Badran’s death as a Martyr will not be [just] a defining moment, but a turning point. It will not be a passing event, but rather will cause our people to die as Martyrs on the path to the liberation of Palestine.”

Mahmoud Rafat Badran – 15-year-old Palestinian who was accidentally shot and killed on June 21, 2016, on Route 443 between Jerusalem and Modiin, by Israeli soldiers who shot at the car he was traveling in with his family while the soldiers were chasing Palestinians who had injured an Israeli and 2 tourists by throwing rocks at their moving cars. The event is being investigated by the Israeli army.