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Prizewinning PA teacher glorifies her terrorist husband in interview on Ma’an TV

Ma’an Independent Palestinian News Agency’s YouTube channel Ma’an TV program Sincerity Barometer, interview with Hanan Al-Hroub, a PA teacher who won the Varkey Foundation’s Global Teacher Prize. The Varkey Foundation is an NGO whose stated goal is to improve education for underprivileged children throughout the world.
PA teacher and winner of Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize Hanan Al-Hroub: “(She speaks of her university studies and her determination to complete them. –Ed.) I did not give up, I insisted, and of course my husband was the main [reason] I completed my university studies [because he] encouraged [me]. And if not for him, I might not have reached this [point].”
Independent Palestinian Ma’an TV host: “OK, let us return to your husband. In what year did you get married?”
Hanan Al-Hroub: “In ’91.”
Ma’an TV host: “’91. How did you meet Omar Al-Hroub (i.e., Hanan’s husband)?”
Hanan Al-Hroub: “Wow, Omar Al-Hroub, there is no need to introduce him. The entire homeland knows him. Omar Al-Hroub is of course a well-known fighter. I consider my marriage to Omar Al-Hroub – I married a hero of course. I consider it to be [one of] the things that is right in my life, among my correct decisions.”
Ma’an TV host: “A decision you do not regret.”
Hanan Al-Hroub: “And not for one moment. In other words, one of the one-hundred percent correct decisions that I do not regret, that I married a national leader, a fighter.”

Omar Al-Hroub served 10 years in an Israeli prison, after being convicted as an accomplice to a bombing attack in Hebron in which 6 Israelis were killed in 1980 - he provided the chemicals for the bombs. Although she is purportedly against violence, Hanan has praised her terrorist husband as “a fighter and leader.”