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74% of Palestinians see Shalit-like kidnappings as best way to free prisoners

Headline: “Joint Palestinian-Israeli public opinion poll
59% of Palestinians think that the best way to release prisoners is a peace agreement
39% think that the best way is to kidnap soldiers
78% of Israelis favor releasing Barghouti for Shalit
79% of Israelis prefer a two-state solution, while 11% prefer the solution of a single state”

”A joint Palestinian-Israeli opinion poll showed that a large majority of Israelis favor releasing Marwan Barghouti in exchange for Gilad Shalit, while three-quarters of Palestinians support kidnapping Israeli soldiers in order to exchange them for Palestinian prisoners...
The poll was conducted during the period between Aug. 25th and Sept. 1st, 2008, by the Palestinian Center for Political Studies and Polls in Ramallah, and the Truman Institute for Peace Studies at the Hebrew University, to examine Israeli and Palestinian readiness for the various negotiating processes...
The survey showed that 59% [of Palestinians] believe that the best way to release prisoners from Israeli jails is by reaching a peace agreement that will release them, while 39% believe that the best way is to kidnap Israeli soldiers and exchange them for Palestinian prisoners. However, in view of the experience [gained] from kidnapping Gilad Shalit, 74% [now] favor kidnapping Israeli soldiers and exchanging them for Palestinian prisoners, while 21% are opposed.
When [respondents were] asked when it would be possible to arrive at a reconciliation between the two nations, 31% of Israelis and 43% of Palestinians said that it would never happen; 40% of Israelis and 29% of Palestinians believed that this would happen only in another few generations or in the next generation, and 24% of Israelis and 20% of Palestinians believe that it would happen within the next decade or during the next few years...”

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