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PA daily op-ed: Abbas water-poisoning libel was a "minor mixup" that "does not negate the barbaric and bloody religious rulings of the 'Jewish ISIS rabbis"

Headline: “[Journalist] Smadar [Perry] spits out her venom”
Op-ed by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, a columnist for the official PA daily, in his regular column
 “In accordance with the racist colonialist mentality that refuses to hear the Palestinian voice that speaks truth and adheres to peace, [Israeli] journalist Smadar Perry published an article last Monday [June 26, 2016] in the [Israeli] daily Yedioth Aharonoth, in which she spat out her racist venom and ugliness, and repeated in different words the stance of [Israeli] Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu. This [occurred] when she tried to fish in the murky waters regarding the minor mix-up that appeared in [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas’ speech (i.e., to the European Union, on June 23, 2016) regarding the religious ruling of one of the rabbis regarding the ‘poisoning of Palestinian drinking water,’ a mix-up that does not negate the barbaric and bloody religious rulings of the ‘Jewish ISIS’ rabbis.’ [It seems that] the colonialist Smadar forgot the religious rulings that call publicly, before the entire world, for the killing of non-Jews, the poisoning of the lives of Palestinians, and their expulsion from their homes or the theft of them (i.e., their homes), without the matter causing even one Israeli to bat an eyelash.”
Click to view Abbas' speech in which he claimed rabbis called for poisoning Palestinians' drinking water