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Leader of Fatah military wing: Rifle "will not be put down" until "the liberation of Palestine from Rosh HaNikra to Rafiah" (i.e., includes all of Israel)

Headline: “Al-Aqsa [Martyrs’] Brigades – Al-Amoudi Brigade closes a number of activities for the month of Ramadan”
“The military branch of Fatah, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades in Palestine – the Nidal Al-Amoudi Brigade, held a mass fast-breaking feast on Thursday evening [June 30, 2016]… on the beach of Gaza City, in the presence of Fatah Movement leaders and its military branch activists.
Secretary of the West Gaza branch [of Fatah] Ziad Matar gave a speech in the name of Fatah. He praised the role (including the shooting of rockets into Israel –Ed.) of the Al-Aqsa Brigades – the Al-Amoudi Brigade – in the Path of the Storm (i.e., 2014 Gaza war) in the summer of 2014…
Commander of the Al-Aqsa [Martyrs’] Brigades Abu Ahmad welcomed those present…
He emphasized that recently the brigades have progressed significantly in terms of their equipment and capabilities.
Abu Ahmad noted that the next stage will be difficult and sensitive regarding the Palestinian cause in the struggle with the occupation (i.e., Israel) and external plots. Therefore, according to Abu Ahmad, ‘The brigades will be the shield of the Palestinian people and its just cause, and will not neglect the option of armed struggle – whatever the cost may be.’
Abu Ahmad concluded his words and repeated the saying ‘The rifle has not been put down and will not be put down, whatever the cost may be, until the liberation of Palestine from Rosh HaNikra (i.e., in northern Israel) to Rafiah (i.e., in the southern Gaza Strip).”

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