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PA TV fails to report that terror attack killed a civilian, focusing instead on killed terrorist

Official PA TV reporter: “Further to ongoing events in Hebron, where the occupation (i.e., Israel) has escalated the situation with its arbitrary operations, the shooting operation that harmed a car of settlers near the Otniel settlement on the southern land of Hebron [took place]. This led to the killing of one of them and the wounding of four, some of whom were described as seriously wounded. They [the shooters] came and shot from a car [passing] at high speed, and according to the claim of the occupation those who conducted the operation managed to withdraw to the city… Hardly a day goes by in Hebron without it suffering from the arbitrary operations of the occupation, cold-blooded murder, closure, and defilement, all of them are issues that will lead to an explosion of the situation and its deterioration.”

Rabbi Michael Mark - a 48-year-old father of ten who was murdered by Palestinian terrorists in a shooting attack on July 1, 2016 on Route 60 in the southern Har Hebron region. Rabbi Mark, director of the Otniel Yeshiva (Jewish religious studies academy), was shot and murdered when terrorists opened fire on his car, causing the vehicle to overturn and crash. Rabbi Mark’s wife Chava, 40, was seriously wounded in the attack, and two of their children were also injured – their daughter Tehila, 15, and their son Pedayah, 16. The terrorists managed to escape.