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Hebron district governor compares Israel’s temporary closure of Hebron after terror attack to Jewish “ghettos” in Europe

Official PA TV program Palestine This Morning hosts Hebron District Governor Kamel Hamid, on Israel’s general closure of the town of Hebron following a Palestinian terrorist’s murder of Rabbi Michael Mark on July 1, 2016

Hebron District Governor Kamel Hamid: “What is different this time [in the closure of Hebron] is that this siege accompanies political and financial punishments and tight closures. These gates remind us of what we read about the ghettos that the Jews in Europe were exposed to according to their claims, as can be seen they are perpetrating these ghettos against the Palestinian people.”

Rabbi Michael Mark - a 48-year-old father of ten who was murdered by Palestinian terrorists in a shooting attack on July 1, 2016 on Route 60 in the southern Har Hebron region. Rabbi Mark, director of the Otniel Yeshiva (Jewish religious studies academy), was shot and murdered when terrorists opened fire on his car, causing the vehicle to overturn and crash. Rabbi Mark’s wife Chava, 40, was seriously wounded in the attack, and two of their children were also injured – their daughter Tehila, 15, and their son Pedayah, 16. The terrorists managed to escape.