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Fatah: Modern Jews have no connection to ancient "Jewish Arab tribes" who lived in Israel

Text posted on the official Fatah Facebook page
“Fadel Al-Rabi'i: Regarding the ‘Judaism of the state’…

     Judaism is an ancient Arab religion, and there is no doubt about this, as this religion did not appear in Scotland or Mexico, the prophet Moses is not a Danish prince, and King David is not a British nobleman. As it is an ancient Arab religion, the groups that took Judaism on themselves 2,000 years ago were certainly not German or Viking tribes, but Arab tribes. This means that the Jews of the distant past who settled in southern Al-Sham (Palestine) [parentheses in source] were Jewish Arab tribes, and not immigrants brought by the Jewish Agency in ships.

In this context alone, every false claim must be rejected regarding the blood connection between a French or American Jew and the Children of Israel, as that is like a claim that the Christians in the US are the descendants of the Jacobites in Balad Al-Sham (i.e., the area of Syria, Lebanon, and northern Israel). Similarly, every Chinese Muslim can claim that he has a blood connection to Prophet [Muhammad] of Islam or the caliphs of the straight path (i.e., the first four caliphs). If this fictitious right is given without firm boundaries, it will create anthropological anarchy… throughout the world.

Due to all this, the modern Jews do not have the right to take over the heritage of the ancient Arab tribe known in history as the Children of Israel just because at some point they took upon themselves the religion of this tribe. This hypothetical right is similar to the right of the Muslims in China, Turkey, or Iran, to take over the heritage of the Quraish tribe (i.e., Islamic Prophet Muhammad’s tribe) for example, and claim that they are its descendants. There is no doubt that the Western Jews have no proof that contradicts this logic, as there is no archeological or cultural remnant that verifies, points to, or even hints that the European Jews, for example, are descendants of the Arab Jews who accepted Judaism 2,000 years ago. And if one foolishly insists on considering today’s Jews as the natural continuation/descendants of the Jews of the past, in this case every Jew, whatever his original citizenship, needs to consider himself an Arab returning to his ethnic roots according to this claim, and therefore he has no right, in any way to [make] religious-historic demands.”