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Op-ed in official PA daily repeats libel about rabbinic council that ordered Jews to poison Palestinian water sources; claims Zionism was established by “Khazars who appropriated Judaism”

Headline: “Our new generations are the hope!”

Op-ed by Yahya Rabah, a regular columnist for the official PA daily and a member of the Fatah Leadership Committee in Gaza

“[Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu said that the incitement is the problem, and not the settlement enterprise! This is a form of diplomatic and moral contempt that has spread in the Israeli society like cancer, and we identified it in an Israeli minister, one of Netanyahu’s ministers who were selected by him to stand to his right. The minister said that the Palestinians are happy about the settlement enterprise, which gives them workplaces in the settlements! Look what the racism has come to, the contempt, and the stupidity! The homeland of a people is stolen, and afterwards they claim that it is compensated for its homeland through work for the occupier who stole its homeland. Is there a need for incitement when there are such despicable acts, and such racism?
We heard the same disgusting logic several days ago from the Council of Settler Rabbis, which issued a religious ruling to poison the water of the Palestinians (sic., no such council exists and not such ruling was ever issued). This insane council is recognized and receives support from the Netanyahu government and the Israeli Parliament, where there are even more disgusting voices. These rabbis have no connection to the Jewish tribes, because they are part of the thirteenth tribe that is not connected to the children of Israel. They are Khazars who appropriated Judaism and established Zionism, and they are behind every shameful act of the occupation.”

The op-ed asserts the PA libel alleging that a non-existent rabbi gave a religious ruling to poison Palestinian water. After PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas aired the libel in his speech to the EU Parliament on June 23, 2016, he was forced to issue a retraction.

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