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Official PA daily: Jewish worshippers "defiled" the Tomb of Caleb ben Yefuneh, a "holy Islamic site"

Headline: “Settlers defile Islamic holy sites north of Salfit”
“In the early morning hours yesterday [July 13, 2016] settlers again invaded and defiled Islamic holy sites in [the village of] Kifl Hares (i.e., where the tomb of the Biblical figure Caleb Ben Yefuneh is located) north of the city of Salfit (i.e., near Ariel). Local sources said that the herds of settlers invaded the holy Islamic sites in the center of the village at 3:45 a.m. under the pretext of holding religious ceremonies (i.e., visiting the tomb)…
The settlers frequently defile the holy Islamic sites in Kifl Hares under the protection of large occupation army forces.”