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PA TV teaches children that Israel took the Mediterranean Sea, and to hope that "all of Palestine will return to us"

Puppet Raed: “[We wear] sunglasses on the beach. La la la.”
PA TV host of The Best Home: “Stop, why are you making me sad, reminding me that we have no sea?”
Puppet Raed: “We do have a sea (i.e., Mediterranean Sea)!”
PA TV host: “We have a sea, but the occupation (i.e., Israel) took it. We can't get there.”
Puppet Raed: “We need to go there! ... ”
PA TV host: “Even though we can't go to the sea without an entry permit, and there are many obstacles to receiving an entry permit to go to the sea we will continue to defy [Israel] and be strong and hope that the sea and the [Jordan] River will return to us, and that all of Palestine will return to us.”
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The expression "all of Palestine will return to us" is a PA euphemism for the end of Israel.

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