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PA Ministry of Foreign Affairs warn Arab governments against "normalization" with Israel

Headline: “The [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns Arabs against Netanyahu’s normalization proposals”
“The [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned in a notice yesterday [July 14, 2016] against the normalization proposals of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in which he calls to develop the ties with the Arabs…
The [PA] ministry emphasized that… Netanyahu is trying to advance [the idea] that peace on the regional level is still possible, in order to block the international peace efforts and give the impression that he seeks opportunities and ways that will enable a return to Palestinian and Israeli negotiations through the Arab level. Thus, he essentially reverses the Arab peace initiative and changes it from its present form, as the initiative proposes normalization ties between Arab states and Israel after arriving at a final peace agreement between the Palestinians and the Israelis, the establishment of an independent Palestinian state in the borders of 1967 with East Jerusalem as its capital, and the achievement of a just and agreed solution on the subject of the refugees.
The ministry added that Netanyahu erases all this and skips to attempts to create a new Middle Eastern reality in a way that will strengthen what he calls Israeli-Arab ties at the expense of the Palestinian issue, without there being any connection between it and the end of the occupation of the State of Palestine's land or an end to his Jewish settlement activities, the theft of Palestinian lands, and an end to his ongoing attacks against occupied Jerusalem and the holy sites, the demolition of homes, and the summary executions.”