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Palestinian officials condemn terror attack in Nice, France: “The harming of civilians in [every] part of the world – whatever the context may be – is an unacceptable act”

Headline: “Official and popular Palestinian wall-to-wall condemnation of the terror incident in the city of Nice in France”

“The PLO, the [PA] government, the factions, and [public] figures condemned the terrifying terror incident in the city of Nice in France…
Palestinian National Council Chairman Salim Al-Za’anoun condemned the terror attack that took place in the city of Nice in France. He emphasized his identification with the friend the French people, and his warm condolences to the families of the victims of this terror attack, which has no religion or homeland. Al-Za’anoun expressed deep sorrow over what is happening to France, which provides aid to our people that continues to suffer each day from the terror of the occupation and its settlers and is dealing with it alone. He condemned the international silence concerning the state terror [of Israel], which has continued for dozens of years.
Official [PA] Government Spokesman Yusuf Al-Mahmoud described the incident as barbaric and cowardly. He expressed the pain felt by members of the Palestinian government and our people around the tragedy that struck the friend the nation of France. Likewise, he emphasized that what struck France struck the heart of every Palestinian…
[PA] Foreign Minister Riad Al-Maliki condemned in the strongest possible language the cowardly terror crime committed in the city of Nice in France, which claimed dozens of victims and many wounded…
The Fatah Movement also condemned the criminal and intentional car-ramming attack…
A statement from the [Fatah] Movement read: ‘The Fatah Movement sharply and firmly condemns the barbaric, cowardly, and inhuman terror attack. It expresses complete solidarity with the French people, out of its opposition to the harming of the interests of any state in the world and the harming of innocents, whoever they may be.’ […]
Fatah Spokesman in Europe Jamal Nazzal said: ‘Our people has been incessantly suffering for many decades from terror against civilians – children, elderly, youths, and women. Therefore we feel pain as a result of this incident, which opens our fresh wounds at a time when our people is suffering from barbaric attacks like this.’ He added: ‘The harming of civilians in [every] part of the world – whatever the context may be – is an unacceptable act that [prepares the] ground for more evil in the world.’”

Bastille Day attack 2016 – a truck ramming attack for which ISIS claimed responsibility, in which 84 people were murdered and about 300 wounded in Nice, France, on July 14, 2016. French-Tunisian Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, 31, committed the attack, plowing a 19-ton truck into Bastille Day crowds and opening fire before being shot and killed. Some guns as well as fake weapons and grenades were found in the truck.