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PA Minister of Religious Affairs attacks alleged Israeli “policy of expulsion and Judaization” at the Cave of the Patriarchs, which “will remain an entirely Islamic mosque… and the Jews have no connection to it“

Headline: “The Ministry of Religious Affairs held a ceremony to support the Ibrahimi Mosque”
“The [PA] Ministry of Religious Affairs organized a ceremony today, Monday [July 18, 2016], at the Ibrahimi Mosque (i.e., Cave of the Patriarchs) called ‘Loyalty to and Affiliation with the Ibrahimi Mosque.’ […] Minister of Religious Affairs Yusuf Ida’is said that… we do not accept what the occupation has imposed on the Ibrahimi Mosque, and we do not recognize its division into sections. This division will not erase its sanctity, and the policy of expulsion and Judaization being carried out by the occupation will also not succeed, as our honorable messenger [Muhammad] taught us how to adhere to our rights and protect them by preparation and great resolve… Likewise, he emphasized that the Ibrahimi Mosque will remain an entirely Islamic mosque, including all its plazas and sections, and the Jews have no connection to it, and all the measures the occupation is taking against it are invalid.”