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Israeli legislation triggered by PMW report

PMW  |
Israeli legislation
triggered by a Palestinian Media Watch report
Israeli Parliament empowered the Parliament
to expel MPs who support terror
after PMW exposed that three Arab MPs had honored terrorists
On April 2, 2016, Palestinian Media Watch exposed that three Israeli Arab Members of the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, met with families of terrorists who had recently been killed while murdering or attempting to murder Israelis. One of the Arab MPs referred to one of the murderers by the Islamic term of highest honor: "Shahid" - Martyr, a term indicating that the action that brought his death was welcomed and rewarded by Allah. They all observed a minute of silence, while a prayer was recited in honor of the Shahids (Martyrs).

Within hours of PMW's press release, the Israeli Arab MPs were condemned across the Israeli political spectrum. A few days later, the House Committee of the Israeli Parliament invited PMW director Itamar Marcus to present PMW's documentation before the committee, and a few hours later the Parliament's Ethics Committee
suspended the MPs for between two and four months.
Oמ July 20, 2016, the Israeli Parliament passed a law intended to prevent any Israeli Member of Parliament from honoring or glorifying terrorists in the future, by permitting the Parliament to expel an MP from Parliament for:
"Incitement to violence or racism, support for armed conflict against Israel, or rejecting Israel as a Jewish and democratic state."
The legislation requires that 90 MPs out of 120 vote in favor of the dismissal.

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