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Fatah officials speak at event honoring graduating class named after terrorists

Headline: “The Abu Dis Club honors the students who succeeded in the matriculation exams, the class of Martyrs Halabiyeh and Ariba”
“In the presence of over 3,000 people, the Abu Dis [Youth] Club held an impressive ceremony… honoring the students who sat the matriculation exams – ‘the class of Martyrs (Shahids) Muhammad Halabiyeh and Mazen Ariba’ – at the Al-Quds University amphitheater.
Abu Dis Youth Club President Ziyad Bahar gave a speech in which he congratulated the families of the students who succeeded [in the exams]. He emphasized that this is the annual ceremony held by the club in order to honor the students for their efforts and studies in the past year…
During the tribute, the chairman and members of the directorate of the club and the Fatah Movement… honored the families of Martyrs Muhammad Halabiyeh and Mazen Ariba.”

Note: The class of Martyrs Muhammad Halabiyeh and Mazen Ariba” would appear to be a name given by the Abu Dis Youth Club at the ceremony, as opposed to the official name of the student class.

Mazen Ariba – 37-year-old officer in the PA intelligence service who shot and injured an Israeli soldier and an Israeli civilian at the Hizme checkpoint on Dec. 3, 2015. Ariba was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers.

Muhammad Halabiyeh – 18-year-old Palestinian terrorist who died on Jan. 24, 2016, at the Israeli security fence near Abu Dis, east of Jerusalem, when a bomb that he apparently intended to use against Israeli border police forces who were passing by at the time exploded.