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PA TV: Putting hatred to music

Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook  |


"Do you know what happened in 1948?" asks a pretty young girl on Palestinian Authority (PA) TV. "They [Israelis] took everything," is her answer.

This message was broadcast again recently when a music video for children reappeared on PA TV after a year's absence.
That "Israel took everything in 1948" summarizes the essence of PA ideology, and the motivation for the continuing hatred and war against Israel.
To view the children's video click here
The denial of Israel's right to exist has been repeated unabatedly in the PA - Abbas controlled - media, even since the Annapolis Conference one year ago. In contrast to Abbas's pledge at Annapolis to promote co-existence, the message emanating from the PA to its public on educational documentaries, children's programs and music videos is that all of Israel is "Palestine."
It is unlikely that children who are brought up with this conceptual framework will ever recognize Israel as a legitimate state and neighbor.
Below is the full transcript of the video:
"My homeland
My land is very pretty
It has forests, stone houses and a sea
My homeland
My land is very pretty
It has hills, lemon and olive trees
I live in my village
My village in my homeland
My homeland is so pretty
My village is in it
There are Grandma's stories
Mothers songs
The smell of a fig tree
And the aroma of jasmine
There are blue skies
And a light breeze
Do you know what happened in '48?
They took everything
They burned the room
The houses they broke
The forests they destroyed
The village they erased
The names they changed
They changed the names
My homeland, her name is Palestine"
[PA TV, 1998 - 2008, repeatedly]