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Bureau of Islamic Law preparing new Penal Code for Islamic law in Palestine

Headline: The Bureau of Islamic Law is preparing a Penal Code in order to implement Shari'ah - Islamic law
"In an attempt by the Bureau of the Islamic Law [Fatwa] to unite Palestine under one Penal Code, according to Islamic law (Shari'ah), the Bureau of Islamic Law [Fatwa] has prepared a [penal] code, with the intention to submit it to the [Palestinian] Legislative Council for its approval, and to cancel previous legislation that is based on the laws of the British mandate, and the neighboring countries.
Muhammad Abed, Head of the Bureau of Islamic Law and legal advisor to the Prime Minister (Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas), said ... that the code includes 14 chapters and 220 clauses, and includes in its chapters the basis of the penal code...
He said that in implementing this law, the present penal code in the Gaza Strip and in the West Bank... will be cancelled... he said that the bill was submitted to the Legislative Council in 2001, but it was not approved in the second and third reading, and therefore some amendments were entered, according to the Islamic law, and it will be submitted to the Legislative Council for approval.
He emphasized that when the law is approved in the Legislative Council, it will be valid in all the Palestinian territories, and will be implemented in all of Palestine."

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