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Fatah official criticizes Hamas: "Who gave you exclusivity over the resistance?"

Published in the August 2016 edition of Al-Quds, the monthly magazine of Fatah's Information and Culture Commission in Lebanon
“Sultan Abu Al-Einein: The Security Forces carried out an important role in their security campaign in the West Bank to maintain the popular peace”
“The Al-Quds newspaper interviewed Fatah Central Committee member Sultan Abu Al-Einein…
Q. What is your assessment of the security situation in Gaza, particularly after the repeated Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip in recent days?
A. Hamas… stops everyone who shoots rockets towards the areas under Israeli occupation. The statements of Hamas leadership member Mahmoud Al-Zahar say that Hamas is the exclusive representative of the resistance in Gaza, and that in its opinion, it is the one that decides on the timing of any conflict with the Israeli side as part of its sick narrow partisan considerations, the price of which is paid by the Palestinian people. However, no one can sell us the principles of resistance or teach them to us, because a people that relinquishes the defense of its occupied land is a people without honor… No one can claim exclusivity over the resistance, because the defense of the homeland is everyone’s obligation, and not the monopoly of any specific body. Unfortunately, Hamas boasts about the arrest of those shooting rockets from among the Palestinian organizations, and here, let me ask Hamas: Who gave you exclusivity over the resistance? Who said that only you are worthy of carrying it out? Who gave you the right to shoot at the Israelis while others are prevented from doing so? If there are secret agreements with Israel, Turkey, and Qatar, and Hamas is implementing their secret clauses, that is another matter, and it is of course serious.”