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Fatah: Closing PA TV and Ma’an TV satellite channels in Israeli prisons and prohibiting “brave prisoners” from watching them is a “barbaric act”

Headline: “Fatah and its Shabiba condemned the ban on [broadcasting] the Palestine and Ma’an satellite channels in the occupation’s prisons”
“The Fatah Movement said that the closure of PA TV and Ma’an TV satellite channels in the Israeli prisons and the prohibiting our brave prisoners from watching them constitute a barbaric act that contradicts the most basic rights of our brave prisoners behind the occupation’s [prison] bars. Fatah Spokesman Osama Al-Qawasmi said: ‘This step is a clear expression of the moral crisis being experienced by the occupation government and additional proof of the professionalism and nationalism of these [TV] channels, who have proven the level of their impact on the public and on the public opinion of the Palestinian and international community…’ He added that… the closure of the PA TV and Ma’an TV satellite channels is an unethical act and an attempt to limit our brave prisoners, to break their will, and to dissuade them from their just demands.”
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