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PA Minister of Jerusalem Affairs “demands” Arab world act to stop “daily attacks” against Jerusalem and other holy sites

Headline: “Ida’is: The occupation perpetrated 87 violations and attacks against the holy sites in July”
“[PA] Minister of Religious Affairs Yusuf Ida’is demanded of the Arab and Islamic world and the international community to act immediately to stop the daily attacks that are perpetrated by gangs of settlers against the occupied city of Jerusalem and the holy sites… Ida’is clarified that in Hebron, and particularly in the Ibrahimi Mosque (i.e., Cave of the Patriarchs), the occupation authorities have highlighted the level of their arrogance and continued to defile the mosque with a tour held by the one called the deputy director of the civil administration (i.e., Deputy Director of the Israeli Civil Administration Col. Uri Mendes) and another officer from his department.”
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The PA and its leaders consider the Cave of the Patriarchs to be a Muslim religious site with no connection to Jews. Therefore they view any presence of Jews there as an “attack.”

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