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Gazan workers’ salaries too low to encourage young interest in local job market

Official PA TV Live  |
Official PA TV program Workers’ Affairs, on the problems of unemployment in Gaza, employment alternatives found by young people in Gaza, and the emigration of young people from the region.
According to PA law, the PA pays competitive salaries to imprisoned Palestinian terrorists that increase
based on the length of time in prison. Through this law, the PA provides a clear reward system for those who commit attacks against Israelis. By contrast, Gazans who work hard to earn academic degrees and cannot find work or receive low salaries are given no comparable reward or support from the PA.
Studio audience member participating in the program Ayoub Al-Qaisi: “There is a problem: Even if there are work opportunities, the salary will be very low. In other words, it takes a young person who finishes studies at the age of 22-23 three to four years afterwards to [find] work in a simple job or as a laborer and to be able to take care of his family’s future.”
Official PA TV host: “A low salary, in other words, what is the range?”
Al-Qaisi: “A daily or monthly salary - the monthly [salary] is roughly 1,000 [Israeli] shekels and the daily salary is around 30 shekels, in other words the [minimum] limit.”

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