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Fatah official to Iranian channel: Iran-Palestinian ties are “true and pure,” anyone who is against the US and Israel is together with us

Al-Alam TV (Iran)  |
“Fatah Central Committee member [and Fatah Commissioner for Arab and China Relations] Abbas Zaki emphasized in an exclusive interview with [Iranian TV] channel Al-Alam that the ties between Iran and Palestine are true and pure, and noted that the ties are ties of struggle, self-sacrifice, and getting rid of all types of dictatorship, as the slogan of the Islamic revolution was ‘first of all Palestine,’ and the Iranians still celebrate Quds Day (i.e., Jerusalem Day) until this day…

He added: ‘We are Muslims and Iran represents the height of support for Jerusalem and the liberation causes, which was expressed by the courage with which it swept “Israel” out of Lebanon in 2000, and during the war it waged against Lebanon in 2006.’

Zaki emphasized the importance of the continuation of the ties… and added: ‘Anyone who is against the US and "Israel” is together with us in the same pit, and anyone who stands by the US and ”Israel,” we might be unwillingly forced to deal with them.’”