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PA Education Council: Israel attacking Palestinian education, forcing Israeli curriculum on Palestinians, and erasing Palestinian identity in Jerusalem

Headline: “The Council for Higher Education: The occupation’s actions against the education [system] in Jerusalem are a crime”

“The [PA] Council for Higher Education condemned the Israeli occupation’s racist actions against the education [system] in Jerusalem, and primarily the brutal attack that it is waging against the Palestinian curriculum, through which it seeks to pull the Palestinian students into the Israeli curricula and universities.
These statements were made during the meeting that the council held today (Monday) [Aug. 8, 2016] in Ramallah, led by [PA] Minister of Education and Higher Education Sabri Saidam.
The council called on all of the local, international, humanitarian, and media organizations and institutions that deal with the field of human rights to come out against this attack, whose goal is to harm the educational process and blur the Palestinian national identity in the holy city.
It emphasized that the occupation’s racist steps against the education [system] and the Palestinian presence in Jerusalem require taking practical steps at the highest levels, with the support of the Arab brothers and all free people of the world, as the occupation does as it pleases in the occupied city in all fields.
Minister Saidam addressed the steps taken by the [PA] Ministry of Education and Higher Education in order to save the educational process in Jerusalem, the most recent being the distribution of the Palestinian curriculum books for free in all of the schools in Arab Jerusalem.
Saidam repeated his call to join efforts and to provide generous support, so as to preserve the education system and the Palestinian identity in Jerusalem.
He added: ‘The occupation is mustering all of its strength for the purpose of erasing the Palestinian presence in Jerusalem and destroying the education, in order to spread ignorance among the Palestinian students. It is an obligation for every Palestinian and every free person in the world to help Jerusalem with to the best of their ability and generously, for the battle with the occupation is fierce and crucial.’”