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PA Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Israel is "falsifying unconfirmed and dubious stories" about humanitarian organizations in "campaign to dry up the funding sources"

Headline: “The [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the UN to show interest in the reports of its representatives in Palestine”
“The [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounced the UN’s ignoring the reports of its representatives in Palestine, and the [UN] Security Council members’ ignoring all of these periodic reports, which expose the truth about the occupation and its plans regarding the people and the Palestinian existence in the occupied city of Jerusalem…
A press release from the ministry stated: ‘Israel has recently been escalating its targeting of the aid bodies and various international organizations that are active in the occupied Palestinian territories. The occupation’s steps not only consist of damage to development projects, infrastructures, medical centers, schools, and kindergartens that are funded by the European Union and nations that are friendly to the Palestinian people; they have also reached the point of directly targeting employees of these organizations by falsifying unconfirmed and dubious stories in order to harm the organizations, as recently happened with the [humanitarian] organization World Vision (Israel accused the organization’s Gaza director of transferring millions of dollars in aid money to Hamas’ military wing –Ed.).’
According to the statement, this attack is part of an Israeli campaign to dry up the funding sources of the human rights organizations and the humanitarian organizations that track Israel’s violations in the Palestinian territories.”

Muhammad Halabi, Gaza branch director of the international Christian charity organization World Vision, was indicted by Israel in early August 2016 for using his position to transfer millions of dollars in humanitarian aid to Hamas’ military wing over the course of several years. According to the indictment, Halabi joined Hamas in 2000 before infiltrating World Vision for the terror group in 2005. Halabi described under investigation how he transferred the money to Hamas, noting that 60% of the group’s humanitarian aid to Gaza was diverted to Hamas and funded projects such as its attack tunnels.

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