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PLO Education official: Israeli program benefiting East Jerusalem schools is attack on Palestinian students’ identity

Headline: “Al-Sudani condemned the occupation’s targeting of the Jerusalem schools and called to refuse the budget's conditions”

“Secretary-General of the [PLO] National Committee for Education, Culture, and Science Murad Al-Sudani condemned the latest decision of the occupation government, according to which the sum of 20 million [Israeli] shekels will be transferred to Arab schools in Jerusalem [only] after they agree to replace the Palestinian curriculum with the Israeli one…

Al-Sudani emphasized that this policy is part of the occupation’s large settlement plan against Jerusalem and its Arab and Islamic identity. He added that this devious step against our schools and students in Jerusalem oversteps the boundaries of the level of the courses of study , the quality of the studies, and keeping up with the pace of changes, as the occupation markets it, and that the truth is that the occupation is attempting through this to target the [Arab] identity, to tamper with the students’ brains, and to cut them off from their history and the history of the holy city and its Arab identity. Likewise, he emphasized that the Israeli occupation is attempting to use every means at its disposal in order to destroy the culture and education sector in Jerusalem by forging, eradicating, and negating it, and that the occupation’s policy targets more than 180 Arab schools in which the Palestinian curriculum is taught.”