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PA daily: Israel imposes Israeli curriculum on Palestinian schools in Jerusalem as part of its “Judaization” and “falsification of history”

Headline: "The occupation is trying to impose the Israeli curriculum on the schools in Al-Quds (i.e., Jerusalem)"

"The Israeli Ministry of Education is trying in every way to harm the Palestinian curriculum. Since the occupation of Al-Quds (i.e., Arab name for Jerusalem) in 1967 and until this day, it implements a number of methods and does everything in its power to control the minds of the Palestinian students and falsify the Palestinian history, and to change the face of the Arab and Islamic archeological remnants, in order to inculcate the Hebrew names in the minds of the Al-Quds students (i.e., Palestinian students).

Lately, the intention of the Israeli Ministry of Education to budget 20 million [Israeli] shekels for the renovation and building of classrooms, the renovation of [sport] fields, the installation of air conditioners, and the construction of labs and computer rooms - on the condition that the Israeli 'matriculation' curriculum be taught - was revealed.

Chairman of the Al-Quds Committee of Students' Parents Ziyad Al-Shamali revealed in an exclusive interview with Al-Hayat Al-Jadida new devious ways that the Israeli Ministry of Education is using to wipe out the Palestinian curriculum.

Al-Shamali clarified that according to the law, the allotment of these funds for renovations is not a privilege, but rather an obligation imposed on the occupation municipality, the Israeli Ministry of Education, and the Department of Education, as many of the schools in Al-Quds belong to them. However, today the standards have changed; money has become a type of temptation for the school administrations – meaning for private schools, which are targeted for the implementation of the Israeli curriculum even more than the municipality schools.

Al-Shamali emphasized that the Al-Quds Committee of Students' Parents will not allow these [schools], including as many as possible of the private schools, to agree to these temptations, and will act in the legal arena, together with a team of lawyers, in order to prevent the Judaization of the education in the city.

He added that the schools that concede and agree to the conditions, so that the Palestinian curriculum will be replaced by the Israeli curriculum, will be required to give a legal accounting . He noted that in addition to this, a campaign will be announced against the schools that agree to this new Zionist plan.

Head of the town of Al-Tur (i.e., a Jerusalem neighborhood) and activist in the educational sector Khader Abu Sbitan said to Al-Hayat Al-Jadida that the schools that were opened to the Israeli curriculum, 'the matriculation,' are two schools in Beit Hanina and in Shuafat [neighborhoods]. However, the occupation municipality is trying to obligate the opening of a class or two in the old schools for the teaching of the Israeli curriculum, in cooperation with the principals, while others are completely rejecting the idea.

The head [of the town] said that the imposing of the Israeli curriculum is no less dangerous than the Judaization of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque and its takeover.

He emphasized that [the teaching of] the Palestinian curriculum in Al-Quds is under the authority of the PA, and that the occupation authorities are ignoring all of the agreements. Likewise, he mentioned that after the occupation of the city, in 1969, the occupation attempted to impose the curriculum, but as a result of the protests and sit-down strikes, it revoked its decision. The head [of the town] clarified that changes have taken place, through the penetration of the schools with financial temptations rather than by force, because Israel is trying to penetrate the Palestinian curriculum to turn the residents of Al-Quds into ignoramuses and pressure them. This is in order to plant a new generation of boys and girls so that the Islamic and Arab memory does not take root in Al-Quds.

The falsifications and distortions in the Israeli curriculum, the 'matriculation,' are as follows:
• Erasing the [Palestinian] national flags
• Replacing songs about prisoners and freedom with a blank page
• Leaving out the verses of the Quran that speak about the children of Israel and [the fact] that they killed the prophets and falsified the Torah
• Falsification and replacement of [the term] Dome of the Rock with the alleged Temple
• Referring to Caliph Omar as an invader and occupier of Al-Quds and not as a conqueror of Islamic land at the command of Allah
• Today they want to teach the students selected excerpts of their false Torah instead of correct Quranic verses, and to erase the name of Al-Quds, so that it has become 'Jerusalem, the capital of Israel'
• The eternal Palestinian national anthem and the recital of the [Quranic] Al-Fatiha Sura (i.e., the opening Sura of the Quran) have been replaced with the Israeli anthem"

The article mentions 14 schools in East Jerusalem in which the Israeli curriculum will be taught in the coming school year.

A picture in the article shows a picture of text from a schoolbook in which it is written that Al-Quds (i.e., Arab name for Jerusalem) is the capital of the State of Israel - this is presented as an example of falsification.