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Kids play “Zionist jailers” executing Palestinian “heroic prisoners” in Fatah summer camp named after terrorist stabber

Headline: "The closing ceremony of the Martyr Muhammad Al-Shubaki Summer Camp of the Lion Cubs and Flowers in the Al-Fawwar refugee camp"
      "The events of the Martyr (Shahid) Muhammad Al-Shubaki [Summer] Camp, organized by the National Committee for Summer Camps and the Lion Cubs and Flowers Institution (i.e., Fatah youth institution for young boys and girls) of the [Fatah] Mobilization and Organization Commission, have concluded...
The ceremony began with a reading from the Quran, and then a special performance of the Aedoun (i.e., We Will Return Again) scout troop was held. Then the national Palestinian anthem was played, the Aedoun troop saluted the flag, and then the other various parts of the ceremony took place. Distinguished educator Ismail Al-Shubaki - after whose son the summer camp is named, heroic Martyr Muhammad Al-Shubaki, who carried out the heroic stabbing operation at the entrance of the Al-Fawwar refugee camp on Nov. 25, 2015 - gave a speech as part of the ceremony. Al-Shubaki expressed pride and thanks for the gesture of memorializing the heroic Martyrs...
Lion cub (i.e., member of the Fatah children's movement) Bassel Amjad Al-Najjar presented a short play about our brave prisoners. He presented his friends, the lion cubs, in a play about the suffering of our brave prisoners and the cruel attitude of the Zionist jailer towards our heroic prisoners."
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Muhammad Al-Shubaki - Palestinian terrorist who stabbed and wounded an Israeli soldier at the entrance to the Al-Fawwar refugee camp, next to Kiryat Arba, on Nov. 25, 2015. Al-Shubaki was wounded and treated in an Israeli hospital, where he later died of his wounds.

Photos from the play at the summer camp show children apparently playing the role of Palestinian prisoners, kneeling blindfolded and handcuffed in a row on the floor, while other children portraying Israeli prison guards stand aiming guns at them. In one photo, three children are lying on the floor, after having been "executed" by the children playing "Zionist jailers."


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