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Fatah official: Israel injects prisoners with muscular dystrophy, claims similar case happened to Arafat

Headline: “Zaki: An Israeli injection is what caused the disease of fighter Na’im Al-Shawamreh and his death as a Martyr”
      “Fatah Central Committee member [and Fatah Commissioner for Arab and China Relations Abbas Zaki] said: ‘The battle with the occupation is open, and we must not let internal matters distract us from the struggle with it.’ He revealed that the occupation authorities caused the death of released prisoner Na’im Al-Shawamreh as a Martyr (Shahid), after giving him an injection in the mouth four years ago which caused muscular dystrophy and led to his death as a Martyr.
Zaki revealed yesterday in an interview with Radio Mawtini that medical reports have indicated that this injection is life threatening. Based on these reports, he clarified that receiving this injection causes muscular dystrophy, and then the lifespan is limited to a period of four years. Zaki emphasized that this is what happened to Martyr Al-Shawamreh, and noted that this case already happened in the past with Martyr President Yasser Arafat (the reference is to libel that Israel poisoned Arafat –Ed.).
Zaki praised Martyr Na’im Al-Shawamreh by saying: ‘Al-Shawamreh is a patriot and a man of culture. The history of his struggle proves that he is among the best of the Palestinian people. He was beloved and a model of morals and positive influence, as is testified to by his companions and friends.’”
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Na’im Al-Shawamreh - was sentenced to life in prison for planting a bomb that killed Israeli policeman Yossi Hayoun in 1993. He became sick with muscular dystrophy and was released in December 2013 as one of the 104 terrorists Israel agreed to release to fulfill the PA's precondition for renewing negotiations. He died on Aug. 16, 2016.

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