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PLO official repeats libel accusing Israel of spreading drugs for the purpose of destroying and weakening Palestinian society

Official PA TV program State of Politics, hosting PLO Executive Committee member Dr. Ahmed Majdalani
PLO Executive Committee member Dr. Ahmed Majdalani: "The Israelis have never ceased their efforts to infiltrate Palestinian society and destroy it. There are two means for the destruction: Weapons which created the chaos, and drugs-"
Official PA TV host: “In order to distance the people from involvement in politics.”
Majdalani: “In order to distance society, to weaken it, and to erode society. These are the two weapons that the occupation uses. There is an additional weapon and it is the weapon of terror, which is [used] daily.Those are the two dangerous weapons. Weapons have a role in destroying society, weapons that are transferred to gangs that trade in them, transfer them, and sell them have a specific role. They have a specific role and that is the creation of strife and internal pressures... … The Israelis enter [the PA areas] in a defined and known way; they go and arrest people, them and their weapons. Why? Because these weapons have a different role that is not-”
PA TV host: “It is possible they will be turned against Israel and not serve [Israel’s] interests.”
Majdalani: "When these weapons have a national role in the resistance to the occupation (i.e., using weapons to kill Israelis), they [Israelis] immediately go and take them away... The weapons they want us to have [are] for internal use, in other words, within Palestinian society, at weddings, circumcisions-"
PA TV host: "In marches."
Majdalani: "In marches you sometimes see in the streets, these foolish marches, or someone whose child excelled in the matriculation exams brings several people who shoot [guns] and shoot some 1,000 bullets."
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