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PA minister: Israel is trying to “manipulate and Judaize” Jerusalem as part of a “systematic scheme to erase the Arab, Islamic, and Christian cultural characteristics" of the city, condemns attempts to give it a "false Jewish character"

Headline: “Al-Husseini updated the international delegation of the Culture Forum regarding the cultural scene in occupied Jerusalem”
     “[PA] Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and District Governor Adnan Al-Husseini yesterday [Aug. 25, 2016] updated a delegation of Arab, European, Asian, and Palestinian diaspora writers, authors, and poets who are visiting Palestine at the moment… on the cultural arena and the limitations from which the Jerusalem institutions are suffering due to the struggle being carried out by the residents of Jerusalem against the occupation in order to protect the Palestinian-ness and Arab-ness of the culture in the city of Jerusalem.
He brought up the battle of terms being carried out by our people and its national leadership, as the occupation authorities are attempting to manipulate and Judaize them as part of a systematic scheme to erase the Arab, Islamic, and Christian cultural characteristics, to brainwash the new generations, and to cut them off from their historical cultural identity of thousands of years, by using means of fabrication, falsification, and deception that are fooling almost everyone.
Likewise, he reviewed the excavation, demolition, and restoration activities being carried out by the occupation authorities in the Old City [of Jerusalem] and the presentation of its false Jewish character, far from its Islamic and Christian origins, and gave as an example the Mughrabi neighborhood [in the Old City of Jerusalem], in which 12% of its homes were demolished, and most of its residents expelled.”

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