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Fatah praises murderer of 6 as candidate for Hebron City Council

Text posted on the official Fatah Facebook page

Posted text:
"The number 2 candidate on the Fatah Movement list in the Hebron city council elections – hero of the Daboya operation (i.e., Beit Hadassah terror attack, 6 murdered) Tayseer Abu Sneineh – one of the heroes of the Daboya operation on May 2, 1980
The Daboya operation in Hebron is one of the most important battles and acts of bravery of the Fatah Movement
The development of the Daboya operation, led by people of the western sector (i.e., Fatah members planning attacks in Israel), heroes of the armed struggle of the Al-Asifa [forces] (i.e., Fatah military unit):
[…] Four young people met on one of the cold days of March 1980 in a cave in the Hebron hills… on that very day the four were unknown, and it is possible that one of them was wanted by the Israeli security authorities, but his name was not at the top of the wanted list.
After a few months, the four carried out one of the most courageous self-sacrifice operations in the occupied areas, if not the most courageous, and it is the attack against the Jewish settlers in Hebron. […]
The four heroes were not murderers, who feel a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction from the sight of blood, but rather [men] of delicate emotions, who the extremist Zionist occupiers denied the rights of their Palestinian people, and they did not find any other means besides weapons in order to restore them [the rights]. […]
The operation was not carried out against peaceful Jewish citizens who had just left prayer, as described by Israeli public opinion at the time, but rather against settler soldiers, who are the most racist and violent, and whose hearts were blinded by hatred. (Sic. the terrorists did open fire at Israelis returning from prayer –Ed.) They frequently harassed the [Palestinian] residents of the city after stealing their land, and this operation came in order to prove to them that this land has a people that will not sit in silence."
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Beit Hadassah (Daboya) terror attack – terror attack in which 6 Israeli young men were murdered: Tzvi Glatt, Eli HaZe’ev, Shmuel Marmelstein, Hanan Krauthhammer, Gershon Klein and Ya’akov Zimmerman, and 20 were wounded on May 2, 1980, in Hebron, near Beit Hadassah - the only building in Hebron in which Jews lived at the time.
The Palestian terrorists who committed the attack are Adnan Jaber, Yasser Ziyadat, Tayseer Mahmoud Taha Abu Sneineh, and Muhammad Abd Al-Rahman Saleh Al-Shubaki. They were all sentenced to life in prison, but were released in various prisoner exchange deals in the 1980s.

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