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Western money supports PA visionof world without Israel

Itamar Marcus  |
No image more strongly symbolizes Israel's elimination
than the Palestinian flag covering the entire map of Israel

Maps of "Palestine" in last year's Palestinian Authority census.
Image on right still appears today on PA website
besides logos of Western donors.    






Census funded by:
 Norway, Australia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, UNFPA, and UNICEF

The Palestinian Authority under Mahmoud Abbas conducted a national census at the end of last year. For three months the census bureau broadcast an official public service announcement on PA TV numerous times every day. The image of “Palestine” the government chose to present to the people was Israel’s map painted the colors of the PA flag. This was an official PA government census under the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics.
Western donors and the UN were funders.
Well-meaning Western donors once again seem to be unaware of how the PA is using the money they contribute to undermine peace.