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PLO official: Israeli "harassment, torture, severe treatment [and] medical negligence" turns prisoners into "disabled people"

Headline: “Farwaneh: The occupation strives to turn the prisoners into disabled people or ‘bodies whose burial is delayed’”
“Head of the Studies and Documentation Unit in the [PLO] Commission of Prisoners and Released Prisoners’ Affairs and member of the committee appointed to manage the affairs of the commission in the Gaza Strip Abd Al-Nasser Farwaneh said that the occupation authorities intentionally harm the health and lives of the prisoners, and turn them into disabled people or bodies whose burial is delayed until their exit from prison.
He added: ‘Hundreds of prisoners who suffer from serious and malignant diseases fill the Israeli prisons and detention centers, in addition to dozens [who became] disabled due to the prevailing conditions there, and in light of the harassment, torture, severe treatment, medical negligence, and the rest of the things that were carried out and are being carried out against them.”

Note: The Red Cross visits Palestinian prisoners regularly and has neither documented nor accused Israel of any of these recurring PA accusations.