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Ramallah governor tells British students that Israel pursues a "systematic policy of Judaization"

Headline: “Ghannam updated a British student delegation about the Palestinian reality”
“Governor of Ramallah and El-Bireh District [Laila Ghannam] yesterday [Sept. 4, 2016] received a delegation of students from the British Liverpool Hope University…
Ghannam summarized the systematic policy of Judaization of the sites that are holy to Islam and Christianity, and the attempt to depict the Palestinian people as a terrorist …
Likewise, she referred to the settlement issue and the settlers and their daily attacks against the Palestinian people under the protection of the occupation army. She noted that there is always a false Israeli version that seeks to change the facts and reality, and this is what has been proven by numerous videos of the activities of the occupation executing our sons, without them posing any danger or significant threat, in addition to their attack targeting those with special needs and women…
She said: ‘Despite all of this, we are a peaceful people that desires life. Our faith stems from our just cause, and it is our central motivation for creativity and excellence. Our only obstacle is the occupation, and it will be recorded in history that we are a fighting and resisting people and that the occupation is vile.’”