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Map of "Palestine" replacing Israel in new schoolbooks mislabels cities

Headline: “Illogical errors in the new curriculum”

“A number of teachers in the elementary schools in the Gaza Strip have complained about what they described as ‘illogical’ errors in the new curriculum that the [PA] Ministry of Education approved for the first through fourth grade this year…
A number of teachers have published pictures on social media of maps of Palestine (i.e., the PA map of “Palestine” that presents all of Israel as “Palestine” together with the PA areas) that were published in the national schoolbooks for second grade, which show errors in the location of the Palestinian cities on the map.”

The picture from the article shows the map from the PA schoolbook. Above the map is written: “Complete the missing letter in order to receive the names of Palestinian cities.” Some city names are shown on the map, with one letter missing from each name. On the right side of the page in descending order appear Jericho and Hebron. On the left side in descending order appear Acre, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Gaza. The error is that Gaza and Bethlehem have been switched.

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