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PA TV: Israel ”targeted” terrorist stabber and killed him to “prevent Arabs from defending Jerusalem and Palestine”

Official PA TV host of Palestine This Morning: “The targeting of Jordanian Martyr Sa’id Al-Amru (i.e., terrorist stabber) is also a message against all of the calls to our Arab brothers to visit Jerusalem. [It is] an attempt to reduce these visits and in a sense prevent them, so that the Arabs will not defend Jerusalem and Palestine and the besieged Palestinian people that lives under the occupation. How do you understand this message?” Deputy Governor of Jerusalem District, Abdallah Siyam: "It is exactly a hijacking of Jerusalem, and an attempt to alter the nature... of Jerusalem. The occupation wants to accustom the [Arab] citizens to the idea that there is a permanent danger in Jerusalem and it would be better for you not to come to Jerusalem." Sa’id Al-Amru – 28-year-old Jordanian journalist who attacked Israeli border police officers with a knife in each hand, trying to stab them at the Damascus Gate of Jerusalem’s Old City on Sept. 16, 2016. The officers shot Al-Amru dead, and found additional knives on his person. Jordan condemned the officers’ killing of Al-Amru and denied that he tried to carry out a terror attack. However, Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs presented security camera footage of the incident clearly showing Al-Amru trying to stab the officers.

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