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Abbas excuses young Palestinians’ stabbing attacks, saying “they have lost hope”

Headline: "The president: Our young people carry knives because they have lost hope"

"[PA] President Mahmoud Abbas called on Palestinian medical students in Venezuela to complete their studies…
During his meeting with 80 students and graduates, he said that the situation in Palestine is subjected to difficulties every day, but that every day there are [also] achievements. He added that every day there are Martyrs (Shahids) and children who carry knives, 'children who carry knives on their own incentive, and do not believe anyone who says there are bodies that are pushing them and inciting them; no, they have lost hope and therefore they go out with knives to carry out stabbing operations.'

Mahmoud Abbas… called for popular resistance by peaceful means, ‘as our hands are still outstretched to peace - but there is no peace without a state with East Jerusalem as its capital, and the right of return cannot be forgotten. I am a refugee and I returned to Ramallah, but I did not realize the right of return.'"

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