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Terrorist's sister: "This is pride for us... We are all prepared to sacrifice our souls for the Al-Aqsa Mosque"

Official PA TV News, on the funeral of Jordanian terrorist Sa’id Al-Amru, who was shot while trying to stab Israeli border police officers in Jerusalem on Sept. 16, 2016
Terrorist Sa’id Al-Amru’s sister: “May Allah have mercy on you my beloved Sa’id. Allah willing, you will sit with the prophets and the righteous. Praise be to Allah Almighty. Allah inscribed him for Martyrdom (Shahada), praise be to Allah, and this is [a source of] pride for us. We are sad about the separation, but we are proud that he is a Martyr (Shahid), an Al-Aqsa Martyr, and we are all prepared to sacrifice our souls for the Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

Text on banner:
“The mourning home of heroic Martyr Sa’id Hayel Abdallah Al-Amru”
Text on news headline accompanying the report onscreen:
“Jordan: Funeral of Martyr Sa’id Al-Amru in the town of Al-Mazar south of Al-Karak, in the shadow of calls to demand accountability of the occupation.”

Sa’id Al-Amru – 28-year-old Jordanian journalist who attacked Israeli border police officers with a knife in each hand, trying to stab them at the Damascus Gate of Jerusalem’s Old City on Sept. 16, 2016. The officers shot and killed Al-Amru, and found additional knives on his person as well. Jordan condemned the officers’ killing of Al-Amru and denied that he attempted to carry out a terror attack. However, Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs presented security camera footage of the incident clearly showing Al-Amru trying to stab the officers.